Twan Bijsterveld
Twan tackles complex issues in change processes and strategy implementation.
Daphne de Vries
Daphne is on a daily basis concerned with the quality of our services.
Rick de Rijk
Rick goes for solutions that have measurable impact on your organization.
Nelleke Weijenberg
Nelleke ensures on a daily basis a good cooperation between clients, participants and advisors.
Jennifer Lem
Jennifer looks at a solution from different perspectives.
Patricia Steen
Out of curiosity, Patricia asks the right questions and comes to a clear solution.
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Impactful growth of your business with measurable success.

At Gooiconsult we are more than experts in Leadership, Teams and Sales. Our curiosity about organisations and data-driven approaches helps create tailor-made programmes consistent with the strategy, objectives and culture of an organisation. Our belief in the power of people is what drives us in our desire to grow organisations by helping the people who work there to excel. By getting to know our customers and building a relationship of trust, we jointly develop programmes with
sustainable impact and measurable results for the organisation and its people.

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We are experts in the following areas:


Leadership has an impact on the performance and culture of organisations. That alone is reason
enough to invest in the development of leadership in your organisation. Together with our customers we develop a leadership profile and programme that help leaders develop and organisations grow.


How do you conduct successful sales in a changing and complex world? This is just one of the
questions that many organisations face nowadays. We look at the specific sales challenges in the
organisation and offer powerful learning and development programmes that match your sales goals.


Every team is different and has its own successes and issues. In the face of challenges, having an
effective team development programme is essential. Our tailor-made programme is designed and
implemented by and for the team. In our approach we distinguish five conditions that are essential
for the effectiveness of teams.

What our customers say about our services.

The value of measuring a development programme.

Our database shows that if you measure in advance what a development programme requires, you will save up to 40% of the development costs of the programme.

Besides, measuring in advance costs less than a fraction of that 40% you save!

Save on development costs up to:


Our advice is substantiated using insights from our own database.


De Manager

Is de manager op de hoogte, betrokken en ondersteunend als het gaat om de ontwikkelinititatieven van de leider?

Het Team

Hoe reageren teamleden bij het experimenteren en toepassen van nieuwe inzichten? Is dit veilig en ‘oke’ om te doen?

Het Prestatieklimaat

Wordt iemand in de performance cycle ook aangesproken en beloond voor het getoonde en ontwikkelde gedrag?

Our passion for our profession is what has been driving us every day for over 40 years. What sets us apart from other companies? To develop learning & development programmes, we use data and insights from more than 50,000 measurements in over 40 organisations. In addition, we deliberately opt for customisation. After all, every company is different and faces different challenges. This customised approach is based on five principles, which not only help us achieve your goals, but also promise sustainable change.

We always link our programmes to the organisational objectives to demonstrate and quantify how learning contributes to results.

Our advice is substantiated with data obtained from measurements in over 40 organisations. By measuring before, during and after a learning & development programme, we obtain insights into what to target or adjust in order to define follow-up actions even better.

By learning more about the objectives, culture and working methods of each customer, our L&D solution fits the unique needs of each organisation. During implementation, we fill in all the particulars to ensure the flawless preparation, progress and completion of our programmes.

The power of collaboration and co-creation is essential for us to achieve the best solution for every organisation.

We value warm relationships, but also have the courage to push boundaries in a pleasantly disruptive manner.

Our customers.

helpful and unhelpful behaviour

In leadership development we make a distinction between helpful and unhelpful behavior. Helpful behavior is the behavior we like to see from the leaders in the organization. Unhelpful behavior is behavior that is often shown with the best intention, but unfortunately doesn’t help. Usually we are unaware of this behavior. Unhelpful behavior has a negative influence on your leadership. Therefore, we pay attention to "unlearning" unhelpful behavior in our leadership programs and thus increase the impact of your leadership in the program.

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Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.