Quality assurance

Quality is our top priority. That is why we annually submit to the CEDEO quality check in which our customers anonymously assess our services. We are also part of the NRTO (Dutch Council for Training and Education). Sustainability is part of our business strategy and we believe it is important to make our efforts in this area transparent through the CSR register.


Gooiconsult has CEDEO accreditation.

Established in 1980, CEDEO is an initiative of HR managers at the largest companies and institutions in the Netherlands, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. It acts as a strictly independent certification body for providers of education, courses, training and other HR services. An organisation receives CEDEO certification based on periodic customer satisfaction surveys with a positive conclusion.

Some quotes of our customers: “By asking the right questions, we analyse the problem and advise in co-creation,” “What I really like is that they have set up a working method that suits the team well” and “What I also like is that the concern is taken seriously and investigated.” The word ‘co-creation’ is mentioned by every reference as a strong point of Gooiconsult that is clearly visible in their service. “They listen very carefully to what is needed. They immediately provide advice and creative solutions to work towards customisation as much as possible. They do this all in co-creation.” – Respondent CEDEO Customer Satisfaction Survey 2023

Read the full report here.


Gooiconsult is a member of the NRTO (Dutch Council for Training and Education).

We conform to the NRTO code of conduct.

In November 2016, Gooiconsult received the NRTO quality mark, which is awarded to organisations that, in the NRTO’s opinion, stand for quality and professionalism. With this certificate, Gooiconsult meets the requirements of the NRTO quality mark. This quality mark was extended after inspection in June 2023.

NRTO is the umbrella organisation for all private training and education agencies in the Netherlands. NRTO plays an important role in putting private training on the agenda in the Netherlands.


In addition to the previously obtained Assurance Statement, we have now also received the CSR Report (company performance on Corporate Social Responsibility) from the Stichting MVO Register. We have once again recorded our efforts in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility in a report that can be obtained from Stichting MVO Register. This platform is an online register where companies can display their CSR performance. It is closely aligned with international sustainability standards. Because sustainability is part of our corporate strategy, we believe it is important to provide insight into our efforts in this area.

Want to know what this means? Read more about the MVO Register via the following link.

helpful and unhelpful behaviour

In leadership development we make a distinction between helpful and unhelpful behavior. Helpful behavior is the behavior we like to see from the leaders in the organization. Unhelpful behavior is behavior that is often shown with the best intention, but unfortunately doesn’t help. Usually we are unaware of this behavior. Unhelpful behavior has a negative influence on your leadership. Therefore, we pay attention to "unlearning" unhelpful behavior in our leadership programs and thus increase the impact of your leadership in the program.

Ben jij opzoek naar een website webshop of e-learning?


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.