Sanne van den Bergh

Senior trainer and coach | impact by connecting depth and results | learning by doing | practical, open and personal | putting stuff on the table and seeing each other as human beings | making dreams come true

It is my passion to bring people and organisations to their core and potential. I strive to teach people to let go of their judgements and look together for what is ‘real’, free from interpretations and assumptions. Self-reflection is an important part of personal mastery for me. I call that empowerment: feeling in control of your own life again.

What drives me in my profession, which I have now practised for 30 years, is to see how unconscious and obstructive thought patterns can dissolve, creating space for new choices. Sometimes that requires confrontation, sometimes compassion, sometimes humour; I love being able to guide people and organisations in that way, so they can regain the creative power to create what they want.

My own dream that I am now fulfilling is that I have bought a piece of land in Portugal with my partner. Our dream is to create a centre for profound transformational processes there: a place where you can relax, let go, reflect or enjoy. Also a place where you can grow, heal and just be. Food from the land, water from the land, in the mountains and yet close to the sea. We will be offering all kinds of retreats and workshops there!


helpful and unhelpful behaviour

In leadership development we make a distinction between helpful and unhelpful behavior. Helpful behavior is the behavior we like to see from the leaders in the organization. Unhelpful behavior is behavior that is often shown with the best intention, but unfortunately doesn’t help. Usually we are unaware of this behavior. Unhelpful behavior has a negative influence on your leadership. Therefore, we pay attention to "unlearning" unhelpful behavior in our leadership programs and thus increase the impact of your leadership in the program.

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Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.