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I enjoy delving into everything that shapes culture and behaviour, and how that contributes to organisational goals. I have used my passion to contribute to translating organisational change into culture, leadership, team development and behaviour within various service organisations. I believe that connecting employees and leaders on a common organisational goal can lead to lasting results.

Changes are often successful when: people believe in the movement and in themselves, when people know what this means for them and dare to express what they need. Guiding these changes requires customisation in terms of process, content and form but also a precisely planned and results-oriented approach. As Associate Programme Leader for Gooiconsult, I like to work according to such a recipe. My hotel school background, HR and leadership experience provide valuable ingredients for this recipe: an eye for all stakeholders, thinking ahead with the necessary knowledge, daring at times to seduce, and constantly reflecting in relation to results.


helpful and unhelpful behaviour

In leadership development we make a distinction between helpful and unhelpful behavior. Helpful behavior is the behavior we like to see from the leaders in the organization. Unhelpful behavior is behavior that is often shown with the best intention, but unfortunately doesn’t help. Usually we are unaware of this behavior. Unhelpful behavior has a negative influence on your leadership. Therefore, we pay attention to "unlearning" unhelpful behavior in our leadership programs and thus increase the impact of your leadership in the program.

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Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.


Korte intro over het pakket, Vervolgens de inhoud er onder.