Outward Mindset

Mindset is about how you experience your surroundings: with an inward mindset you focus on personal objectives, while people with an outward mindset take into account one’s impact on the views, needs and challenges of others. People with an Outward Mindset also take the perspectives, needs and challenges of others into account, adjust their behaviour accordingly and continue to monitor results.

Why does Gooiconsult work with Outward Mindset?

Insight in your convictionswhich drive behaviour is necessary in order to change that behaviour sustainably. We have used many methods in order to provide insight into convictions, but many methods were not structured enough, difficult to convey or not very effective. Outward Mindset is a structured way to effectively research and influence the ‘mental software’. Not vague, but research directly connected to the results of actions. Moreover, Outward Mindset provides a concrete vocabulary to unequivocally discuss sources of this behaviour.

What does Outward Mindset bring?

By developing an Outward Mindset it is possible for organisations to reduce personnel costs. Improved collaboration between individuals and teams makes it possible to significantly reduce fuss within the organisation and achieve permanent competitive advantage. The result being lower attrition, fewer missed opportunities, smooth communication and decision-making and more profit. ‘Entering the race together on different terms’.

The Outward Mindset of The Arbinger Institute

The Arbinger Institute has helped millions with their books Leadership and Self Deception and the Anatomy of Peace. Their latest book offers a new and intuitive way to teach these same principles through the medium of mindset.

This book presents compelling true stories to illustrate the gaps that individuals and organisations typically have between their actual inward mindsets and their needed outward mindsets. And it provides simple yet profound guidance and tools to help any individual, group, and organisation bridge this mindset gap and achieve breakthrough results in work, relationships, and organisational performance.

Why is a change in mindset necessary?

‘Together we work on the same challenges within our organisation but when speaking to my colleagues from different departments it is as if they are from a different planet and mostly just do their own thing.’ We often try to improve on these types of dilemmas by teaching people a different sort of behaviour. Sometimes, this can lead to the desired result but in many cases, it does not. Why is that? You can only change behaviour if you change the source of that behaviour: the mindset. With a change in mindset, newly learnt behaviours will stick and will help you establish the desired result.

Outward Mindset in your organisation?

In order to serve the Dutch market, Gooiconsult participates in Arbinger NL, a partnership between The Arbinger Institute USA, Ownpower and Gooiconsult.

Please contact us to discover how Outward Mindset can give change a strong impulse in your organisation.