From Product Selling to Challenger Sales

Whereas years ago customers would be approached on the basis of product selling, nowadays with complex business issues, a deepening client relationship has developed. Challenger Sales takes this one step further. The client’s needs are actively discussed so that the client truly makes the difference in his business. This requires the right qualities, the right conviction and the right skills of the salesperson.

Staff functions in control

Sales professionals want to put their talents and insights to better use, but are not understood, heard or noticed by the client. Their drive to be invaluable to the client and for the success of the organisation, offers opportunity for a better approach. With the right skills, they are in control.

The so-called “challenger” knows exactly what the customer needs. He has the insights and perspectives that are often not quite clear yet inside the organisation. The challenger is also able to bring these insights across. In this way talent is used efficiently and connected to performance.

Teach, Tailor en Take control

The basis of the Challenger Sales programme is shaped by working on the three most important talents of a Challenger. The Challenger:

  • Teaches the client (Teach) when it comes to conveying different insights to the client
  • Provides customisation (Tailor) when it comes to the right messages to the right contacts.
  • Takes charge (Take control) when it comes to the sales meeting or actively approaching the client

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The origin of The Challenger Sale

Research among 6000 salespeople from 90 different organisations world-wide have provided interesting insights into the changing role of sales. This resulted in the book “The Challenger Sale” describing many new insights on the subject of sales. Furthermore, an article was published in the Harvard Business review (HBR) wherein the changing role of sales is discussed. Gooiconsult has run multiple Challenger Sales training programmes so that salesmen are equipped to fulfil their roles in a more in-depth manner.